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Design Expoloration


Research & Discovery


Design Expoloration


How much will this cost?

I know you understand the value of good design. That’s why you’re here. I’m paraphrasing the great Errol Gerson here (this episode is a must listen, by the way), but I prefer to think of our work together as an investment, because an investment implies a return. I am confident that investing the time and resources to align your visual strategy to your business goals will deliver tremendous value, year after year. That being said, each business is unique and therefore each budget is unique. I am mindful of this and willing to make things work if we are a good fit. Let’s talk and see if we’re a match.

How long will this take?

The timeline is heavily dependent on a few factors:

  1. The number of options presented in the initial concept presentation
  2. Client decisiveness
  3. The number of collateral items the newly defined brand will be extended to
Here is a typical project timeline with 3 initial directions and a full 3 rounds of refinement after the first concept presentation.

Will I be working directly with you?

Here is what I love: hearing your story. Learning about the creative and industrious way you are making a difference with your business. Helping you match your visual strategy to your ambition. Because this is what fulfills me about my job, you will always be working directly with me. For this reason, I work with a limited number of clients a year so each project can have the attention it deserves. On select larger projects, I may bring on junior designers and/or developers, but strategy, creative direction, and project management will always be directed by me.

Do you build websites?

I have designed custom websites, Wordpress websites, and built sites using web builder tools like Squarespace. This wide experience has taught me that Wix is the absolute perfect intersection of ease of use, design flexibility, and cost for this market. My website design fee includes 2 hours of training on the Wix platform so you or your staff can make edits after the site has launched. In the event that your site needs to be customized, I have established relationships with web developers and will manage the project from design to launch.

I already have a logo and I just need a ______ (ex. brochure, deck, ad template). Can you help?

My focus is on visual strategy as it relates to your brand, and as such, it might be a better use of your resources to work with a designer who focuses on one-off collateral projects. That being said, I’m happy to hear about your project if you think we’d be a good fit.

Does your fee include printing?

My design fee does not include printing, but I have developed relationships with many quality print vendors at various price points.

Is there a book, website, podcast that made you think differently about your work? Let me know about it!