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Q. I just received my ECO Filter, how do I set it up?

Please watch our instructional video, ultra filtering your Cold Brew has never been easier!

Q. The drip tray is filling up very quickly, is this normal?

A. If your drip tray fills up quickly it means that the metal plate isn’t tightened sufficiently. If your drip tray doesn’t drip at all it means that the filter pads might be cracked and the coffee is running through without being filtered. A Few drops into the drip tray every few seconds is ideal.

Q. How many litres can I fill with one set of filter pads?

A. One set of 3 filter pads is good for a 20L batch of Cold Brew coffee. However, it also depends on how filtered the coffee is to begin with. It is always best to strain the coffee first to remove all suspended solids. ECO Filters are designed as a 2nd filtration process to bring the coffee down to 2 microns which adds clarity, polish, and a more robust taste.

Q. Coffee is spraying upwards from the filter pad, what does this mean?

A. This means either the filter pads have not been aligned correctly, or that they are completely blocked from coffee particles and need to be changed.

Q. My drip tray is overflowing, what should I do?

A. Make sure the machine is elevated so the drip tray empties easily. You can either have the drip tray tube lead back into the unfiltered coffee or you can have it go to into a waste bottle.

Q. Unfiltered coffee is flowing into my Pre-Filter but not out of it, what should I do?

A. This means that your Pre-Filter is blocked and needs to be cleaned. Unscrew the top part of the filter and rinse it very well. Make sure to remove any content that is causing the blockage.

Q. How deep should I drop the intake tube?

A. If you neglect to use the pre-screen filter then you run the risk of block the filter pads fairly quickly. In this scenario it is recommended to keep it at the surface and away from suspended solids that are falling to the base of the container. Move the intake tube down as the level of unfiltered coffee decreases. This way you can avoid intake of bigger particles which can block your filters. Every ECO Filter comes with a pre-screen filter. We strongly recommend using it.

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