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Hi, I'm Hope, a San Francisco-based designer specializing in brand identity, custom lettering, and strategy-driven design.

Over the last decade+, I have partnered with a variety of extraordinary companies and organizations to develop visual identities and graphic applications that are timeless, perfectly suited to the mission of the organization, and infinitely usable in the modern world.


My work is rooted in a deep respect and reverence for the journey and vision of the entrepreneur or changemaker. Having founded and operated a product, brick-and-mortar retail, and now, a service-based business, I understand and deeply revere the entrepreneurial journey.

Outside of my professional practice, I push the boundaries of visual communication through several long-running personal projects. Monogram Project (an effort to design all 676 two-letter combinations in the alphabet) has deepened my typographic knowledge and explore the outer edges of legibility. And my artistic practice TEXT/TILE Studio has allowed me to explore the intersection of typography, quilting, and writing.

If you've been looking for a partner to help pave the road for your (ad)venture, let's chat. I want to hear more of your story.
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