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Breathing new life into an existing logo 

Sometimes, a logo proves problematic because the needs of the organization (or the world) change. Sometimes, you just need an experienced designer to get your newly launched brand to the other side of the finish line. With a deep expertise in typography and custom lettering, Hope Meng Design has refined existing logos to make them more legible, usable, and appealing. Keep scrolling for a few examples of this type of work.



Joone Creative is craft retailer founded by two ambitious women. They came to Hope Meng Design with a concept (the J and the o in "Joone" should form an abstract firefly), and a sketch. Hope Meng Design developed a custom wordmark—a brush script that serves as the backbone of this fun yet elevated brand.

Image by Tara Evans

We chose to work with Hope Meng Design because wanted to work with someone who was comfortable with lots of different styles. We wanted to get a sense for the different directions our logo concept could go depending on the style in which it was lettered. Hope’s work is very polished and sophisticated, which is what you in a logo want when you’re trying to look legit as a brand new company.”


LAUREN VENELL, Co-founder, Joone Creative




Years ago, someone at Project Open Hand created a t-shirt with the slogan "Food=Love", and it gradually became an integral part of their brand. As luck would have it, that t-shirt art was lost (and frankly, there were some usability issues, as the wordmark was not originally designed to used on everything from billboards to lapel pins).

Hope Meng Design redesigned the wordmark to remain bold while taking up less horizontal real estate, and redrew the knife and fork so it related to the letterforms. The wordmark is now used widely across POH's marketing campaign.



Fox Nakai is a multimedia producer that specializes in video production and photography. He still felt connected to his logo, but the mark had legibility issues, especially when reduced. Hope Meng Design drastically simplified the mark while retaining the spirit of the logo.

If your brand identity needs a little update, let's chat. I'd love to help.
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