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A boutique brand & design studio for the unconventional.

Your work stands out in a crowd. Your  brand should do the same.




Visual Strategy &
Brand Identity Development

We develop lasting solutions that start from a place of deep understanding about your business, your mission, and your values. 

Graphic Design &
Website Development 

From business cards to signage to websites to pitch decks, we can extend your brand to the materials you need to support your vision.

Logo Redesign &
Custom Lettering 

Whether your logo needs a refresh, or you'd like a more expressive way to promote your work, our deep expertise in typography will get you where you want to go.



Hope Meng is the most talented graphic designer I have ever met. I chose to work with Hope because I connect with her work, her vision and her style. Business concepts are easy, or so I thought. Visual concepts are much harder.


The part of the process that was surprising, and really helpful, was defining the business concepts visually—I thought we would just be coming up with a logo, but as we got into it I realized how the mark/visual identity of a company has to tie to its core values and concepts in order to be successful.


Hope really helped me see this, and did a great job shepherding us through the design process to a super successful outcome. I still get compliments every day on my website, mark and collateral.


MICHAEL SHANKMAN, Managing Partner, NOA Design + Construction

If this sounds like the collaboration you’ve been searching for, let’s chat. I want to hear more of your story.
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